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I just realized that its been at least two weeks since I last posted our weekly menu. Shame on me ! No excuses really only that time has not been my friend recently. Today is Mothers Day in France and a perfect opportunity to say thanks to all Mom’s. No doubt the best job in the world with rewards that exceed any monetary value. A special thought goes out to my mother in law today, no doubt a very hard day for her.

So, how am I spending my day?  Well after being spoiled by my hubby and kids this morning we had a great brunch and I’m baking cookies for some of the kids in our condo building. Princess dresses for the girls and ice cream cones for Alex (his choice). Dinner will be simple tonight and serving with an exceptional bottle of wine (future post). 

Saturday: We were at my in-laws for dinner 
Sunday: Grilled Asian Steak with Sweet Slaw (I’ve been eying this recipe for a few years now ever since it appeared in the June 2008 Bon Appétit magazine)
Monday: Grilled snapper with cilantro rice
Tuesday: Tuna Sandwhiches (yes this has become a ritual – this is what happens when mom works late on a Tuesday night)
Wednesday: Lemon Fettuccine with Broccoli and Pancetta– again from the June 2008 Bon Appétit Magazine
Thursday: Grilled Chicken with Haricot Verts
Friday: My son’s new favorite dish – Tacos

Bon Appétit !


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I know, I know, a week with no posts. This week has been a long week for me and though we did make just about everything on the menu this past week, life with the kids just got a bit crazy this week.

Here I am a week later with a new menu. The weather in Paris continues to be a precursor to summer and the terraces of bars and cafés are already in full swing. For those that have never been to Paris, the first rays of sunshine dictate that one needs to fine the nearest terrace to sit and worship the sun. However as there are no time limits on tables once you find “yours” its “yours” for as long as you want. The highways find a new life with Parisians fleeing the city to the beaches of Deauville (Normandy) for that weekend escape. Summer is just around the corner ….

The market is starting to come alive with fruits and vegetables and we are still taking advantage of the fresh sweet peas that’s currently in season. We tasted strawberries from Spain today, longing for the
‘Gariguette’, an old and much-valued Provençal variety. Its slightly smaller and a deeper red than the traditional strawberry but packs ever much the taste punch.

Many of you know the song written by Vernon Duke and E.Y Harbug which was made famous by Frank Sinatra – “April in Paris”, he was very right when he sang ‘ I never the knew the charm of Spring, never met it face to face, until April in Paris.

So with that what exactly are we eating this week ?

Saturday: Grilled hamburgers with mushrooms and onions / fries

Sunday: Pasta with fresh peas and ricotta cheese

Monday: Fish ( precise dish to be defined) with rice (again to be defined)

Tuesday: Tuna sandwhiches ( a new favorite of my son)

Wednesday: Grilled lemon chicken with haricot verts and carrots

Thursday: Semoule with lamb chops

Friday: Another favorite – tacos with homemade guacamole and salsa

Bon Appetit !

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Ah another Saturday, another menu 🙂

The nice thing is that since Spring finally decided to make an appearance here in Paris, waking up on Saturday (albeit earlier than I would like thanks to a certain 1yr old who shall remain nameless) feels like a mini vacation thanks to the cloudless blue skies.

My stomach seems to want to skip spring and move directly onto summer but the cool nights remind me that warm dishes seal of long days.

Here’s is what’s being served for dinner this week at our house:

Saturday – Date night out with friends, going to a restaurant that’s considered one of Paris’s best bistros  will  let you know how the restaurant was

Sunday –  Grilled shrimp with lemon parsley orzo

Monday – Fish (not sure how I’ll do this as hubby is still at the market) with fresh veggies

Tuesday – Trying out a vegetarian chick pea burger recipe that’s actually one from Rachel Ray but I found it via This Week for Dinner

Wednesday- Grilled lemon chicken with Moroccan couscous salad via Epicurious

Thursday – Grilled slices of boneless leg of lamb with creamy polenta

Friday: I’m out for the night but the boys will be having Pizza !

What are you eating this week ?

Bon appetit !

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I know, I’m late today but yesterday and today, the weather has just been perfect and so we were either outside or running errands. I was also catching up on some of the great blogs written by fellow foodies.

These last few weeks I’ve been having a hard time coming up with menus, probably due in part to the fact that with this great weather I want to switch directly to summer and also the fact that our 1 year old is now eating pretty much what we eat I’ve been trying to tailor menus so that I can cut down on the double meals.

Here’s our menu for this week.

Saturday Shrimp and Asparagus tarts / green salad 

SundayGrilled prime rib with a sweet potato salad ( an epicurious recipe that we absolutely love)

MondayPan fried sole with fresh peas and carrots 

TuesdayPasta with home made tomato sauce 

WednesdayCurried Chicken with rice

ThursdayGrilled cheese sandwich bar ( i.e either using brie, manchego or comte)

Friday – either Tacos or take out pizza

Bon appetit !

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A little later than normal, well several hours later I just realised that the weekly menu never went up. Shame, shame 🙂 Maybe it was the after dinner glass of Maury mas amiel that made me remember ?Not an ordinary week, this week is Easter and we are having my in laws over for lunch on Sunday so that means another opportunity to test out new recipes and challenge myself and I love a challenge !

SaturdayEntrecôte (prime rib) this has become our standard Saturday night dish, buts its really the only time of the week that we eat red meat so it makes me feel less guilty, we served it this week with corn on the cob (frozen but still yummy)

Entrée (Appetizer) – Pan seared noix saint jacques (Scallops) with asparagus (green)
Plat (Main Dish)  –  Lamb shoulder stuffed with wild mushroom and spinach served with fresh green peas and carrots in a chili mint glaze
Frommage – no self respecting French house would be without this in a ‘jour de fête’
Dessert – Chocolate torte covered in a chocolate ganache

MondaySwordfish (baked in a tomato sauce) served with haricot verts (string beans)

Tuesday Pasta

WednesdayGrilled chicken with broccoli

Thursdayspicy Tuna sandwiches with salad

Friday– not sure as yet, but thinking Pizza

Happy Easter – I’m off to hide easter eggs for my son

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Ah Saturday mornings 🙂 This one started a little earlier as my 11mth old decided to wake up at 7am this morning, I know that many parents wake up even earlier than that, but we are not used to this, especially after going to bed quite late last night.

Anyway, the menu was done, market checked off the list and now I’m eagerly waiting on my after lunch expresso, so, while I wait here is what’s being served at our house this week.

Saturday: My son chose this – entrecôte (prime rib) & fries ( no doubt a green salad will be served on the side)

Sunday: Trying out a new recipe here:  Fresh corn soup topped with roasted corn guacamole ( admitting up front that I will use frozen corn)

Monday: Steamed fish with green beans

Tuesday:  Pan roasted noix st jacques (scallops), with roasted green asparagus and red potatoes (My daughter’s 1st birthday so having a special dinner served with Veuve Clicquot Champagne to honor her)

Wednesday: Grilled lemon/garlic chicken with carrots and fresh peas

Thursday: Ham & Manchego cheese sandwhiches/ green salad
Friday: Tacos with homemade salsa and guacamole

Bon Appetit !  (and still no sign of the café – hubby is looking after the salad for the week – I’ll post our tips on how to have fresh, crisp salad and herbs for the week in another post)

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Its once again Saturday and that means that I’ve already planned my menu and that hubby is out at the farmers market as we speak. I’m somewhat behind on posting but hopefully will catch up this weekend. Planning the menu this week was a bit difficult I have to admit, though you would think with spring being here that it would be easier ? Well not so, it all depends if the market is ready to show us all the spring jewels that it has been hiding so I had to remind myself that I would have time in the coming weeks to reacquaint myself with the bounties of spring.

SaturdayShrimp and Pancetta severed over creamy polenta. The insipration behind this dish is that my son loves shrimp and pancetta and I’m trying to get him to eat polenta so will be making a tomato based sauce for the shrimp and pancetta.

SundayEntrecôte (prime rib) served with a fresh green salad and corn on the cob (rushing the seasons a bit here)

Monday –  Fish (waiting to see what hubby bring back from the market) with semoule (will probably add some dried apricots and chili to the semoule to add some variety to it)

Tuesday –  Ahh the first tastes of spring – Omelette’s with mushrooms (girolles I hope) and green asparagus

Wednesday Beef & Broccoli  with Rice

Thursday Velouté of carrots with grilled brie sandwhiches

Friday – Not sure as yet but it will  be worthy of Friday fun  

Bon Appetit

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